vstm(1) - vstm is a simple todo manager who keeps your TODO things

vstm, as it says, is a todo keeper/manager. You can simply add or delete a todo. To list the actual TODOs, you just have to call the program with no args. You can either use your global DB file (localted at ~/.vstmDB) or the one in your current directory. In that case, if you want to create it, simply touch(1) ./.vstmDB

Here is a screenshot of vstm in action:

How to get vstm ?

vstm is free ! You can either get vstm via git here:


Or via a tar.gz here:

List of versions

51f7f2c1a8880ef128740513a26c7259 vstm-1.0.tar.gz

Contact me

If you want to submit a patch (or else), you can contact me at:

vstm @ vi-di.fr