ed3fb39 Max Kovaljov Merge pull request #475 from xX7/master master
1b04ed7 xX7 Changed Format.
71b16e0 xX7 OnGetGroupParticipants Event
ff69122 Max Kovaljov Merge pull request #472 from xX7/master
0b503ac Max Kovaljov Merge pull request #473 from Bashin/patch-1
30b81d4 Bashin Changed User-Agent to a newer version
5f4294b xX7 Update whatsprot.class.php
305891d xX7 Update whatsprot.class.php
07227b9 Max Kovaljov Merge pull request #469 from pastoso/master
486032f pastoso Fix login: Use only version number for WHATSAPP_V…
7c97607 Max Kovaljov Updated exampleFunctional.php
42eb199 Max Kovaljov Updated client details to 2.11.69
1423ed1 Max Kovaljov Replaced pack with raw output
08a8128 Max Kovaljov Replaced hex encoding with base64
61c32df Max Kovaljov Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/shiri…
7014234 Max Kovaljov Merge pull request #466 from pastoso/master
a42e20e pastoso urlencode the token
9a0368e pastoso Add hex2bin replacement for php <= 5.3 from @atans
1995a68 pastoso Implement new method for code request token gener…
37bca57 Max Kovaljov Update socket.php
65d27d9 Max Kovaljov Update exampleFunctional.php
2010f6c Max Kovaljov Update contacts.php
d8cbc6a Max Kovaljov Fixed CC for North American numbers
9e00d11 Max Kovaljov Minor syntax fixes
5e9b458 Max Kovaljov Updated /tests/whatsapp.php
0ce1087 Max Kovaljov Last fix and some socket checks
9a6f088 Max Kovaljov Fixes in BinTreeNodeWriter
a31e9e4 Max Kovaljov Nope nope nope nope nope
4a98444 Max Kovaljov *facepalm*
24f3dbf Max Kovaljov Big overhaul
5daa274 Max Kovaljov Added data getter
2145292 Max Kovaljov Changed some protocol node stuff
4dc5446 Max Kovaljov Merge pull request #447 from pastoso/master
8758ce3 pastoso Fix copy/paste error. Do not set socket to null a…
bfc0280 pastoso close socket and fire onClose on feof while readi…
3d8a0eb Max Kovaljov Merge pull request #445 from pastoso/master
62a824f pastoso Fire onGetStatus event when received message from…
2ba05a5 Max Kovaljov Cleaned up duplicate code
f2caa15 Max Kovaljov Fixed sending and responding to receipts
debc930 Max Kovaljov Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/venom…
0cbd388 Max Kovaljov Replaced MD5 identity with SHA1
cafedae Max Kovaljov Fixed version mismatch in WHATSAPP_VER and WHATSA…
071bb6e Max Kovaljov Merge pull request #441 from pastoso/master
7499b7e pastosos Handle status == ok on codeRequest response.
f905739 Max Kovaljov Merge pull request #438 from manufuentescr/patch-3
55323fc Max Kovaljov Update README.md
18bfc53 Max Kovaljov Updated to Android client
3674719 Max Kovaljov Added sendClientConfig
cefc05c Max Kovaljov Added nextChallenge connection functionality
3c59328 Max Kovaljov Added nextChallenge placeholder file
52423fb Max Kovaljov Added authBlob placeholder
3ace5f7 Max Kovaljov Upped WP7 version and added status to features
7425520 Jonathan Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/venom…
83b22c6 Jonathan Fix missing google contacts numbers appearing in …
c515880 Max Kovaljov Merge pull request #420 from xraul/master
8dfe6bb Raul Bernardeli Add new entries in .gitignore
44a804f Max Kovaljov Updated README.md
b593453 Max Kovaljov Fixed typo GRAMMARNAZI JA
83fe9ed Jonathan Update the Readme.md to highlight new event names…
6a8b8b4 Jonathan Ensure each groupID passed to sendGroupsLeave is …
30541af Jonathan Added some markup to EVENTS.md
2ee1122 Jonathan Renamed a lot of events to match newly named meth…
b36ba15 Jonathan Fixed onGetRequestLastSeen event.
f6ecc2f Jonathan Added onGetError event if requested query has no …
e9050f4 Jonathan Added onGetPrivacyBlockedList Event
83c4769 Jonathan GetPrivacyBlockedList waits for response from ser…
b197d6e Jonathan Fixed sendGetClientConfig() from reporting an err…
770b106 Jonathan Removed old sendBroacastPlace (replaced with send…
07d0ef5 Jonathan Wait for Response for sendClearDirty
72893fe Jonathan Fixed Group functions. Now add/end group, add/rem…
b1af640 Max Kovaljov Automatically convert participants to array
9417d7a Max Kovaljov added onGetServerProperties event
6b52190 Jonathan Remove line not ready yet for release.
654f2ec Jonathan Merge branch 'master' into docbloc
ee4a67e Jonathan Renamed protected method to avoid confusion.
4894828 Jonathan Combined sendLocation and sendPlace into one. Rem…
da04de5 Jonathan Refactor some mediafile sending code. Added examp…
f03388d Jonathan Added Constants for Media and Pictures folder
a82e4cd Jonathan Added and fixed multiple DocBloc sections to impr…
f151cd2 Max Kovaljov Added reading mcc from countries.csv
2ed1fac Max Kovaljov Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
0b8ebbb Max Kovaljov Fixed Canada false positives on US numbers
196e5de Max Kovaljov Update countries.csv
8b78b2d Max Kovaljov Merge pull request #404 from atans/patch-1
62e72ec Atans Small fix
9eb911b Max Kovaljov Added check for SHA identity hash on code request
74223c1 Max Kovaljov Moved back to WP7 client details
27dc88a Jonathan Credit user who discovered Android Token.
9afa27e Jonathan Updated Readme with new info.
2776999 Jonathan Added sendBroadcastPlace() and sendBroadcastLocat…
8d6a7cf Jonathan Expanded the exampleFunctional.php demo and fixed…
20adc8b Jonathan Speeling mistokes.
49e10a8 Jonathan Rename and place new Broadcast features in order …
e3bc27e Jonathan Remove old example files.
aca8a89 Jonathan Destroy all references to IMEI and MAC address. H…
d397f42 Jonathan Created two new example files to show how to eith…
9783b35 Jonathan Update Readme with info on the new code changes
38db0ea Max Kovaljov Added media broadcast
2d0bf3c Jonathan Some last minute const name changes.