freec(1) - Display memory usage using graphs and nice colors

freec(1) is like free(1) except that it shows the memory usage (used, cached, buffered and free mem) using nice colors and ascii-graphs.
Here is a screenshot of freec in action:

How to get freec ?

freec is free ! You can either get freec via git here:


Or via a tar.gz here:

List of versions

b47a41f972abbdbe483fe6217af8450e freec-1.2.tar.gz
ed425fbf314544a05edb22ea40634ac9 freec-1.1.tar.gz
70aacbe90f1a3bfb43894d950978ce71 freec-1.0.tar.gz

Contact me

If you want to submit a patch (or else), you can contact me at:

freec @