beat(1) - Internet time utility. Show beat time

beat is a little utility for us to change between the (swatch) Internet time (also known as beat time) and our time.
By default, the program show the current beat time. It's very lightweight (once compiled: 15K) and fast (written in C).

Actual beat time

The actual beat time is: @684 .beats

How to get beat ?

beat is free ! You can either get beat via git here:


Or via a tar.gz here:

List of versions

04529a591ab8cd54c8bc1182e30d8bac8f46275959ebd74d7b4848b66def967d beat-1.0.tar.gz
sha256sum - name of file

Contact me

If you want to submit a patch (or else), you can contact me at:

beat @